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The preparation of the "curled cakes" is not difficult. You can use simple and common kitchen utensils, such as a mincer equipped with all its accessories to mince the almonds and to draw the cookies.

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The almonds can be bought already peeled or can be shelled by hand. The traditional preparation is as follows: the almonds are first scalded in boiling water for a few minutes and peeled. Subsequently, the almonds, called “ntrita” in the sicilian dialect, are dryed naturally in the sunlight for some days or in the oven. In this way, the almonds lose their water. Then they are minced preferably by hand, in order to obtain an almond flour. 

The almond flour, the refined white sugar, the entire eggs, the grated lemon’s peel and the spices are made into a paste by hand until obtaining a paste of medium consistency.

The obtained paste is sieved through a particular utensil in the shape of a star which forms some rabbets and curls.

Finally, the cakes are put in a baking-tin and covered with some refine sugar. It is important to put a sheet of oven-paper on the bottom of the pie-dish.

After a few minutes the "curled cakes" are ready to delight your palate.

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